Database as a Service (DBaaS)

DBaaS Solutions

Right-Sizing Your Databases in the Cloud

As data continues to proliferate at an unstoppable pace, the costs to manage the growing data continue to skyrocket.

Businesses and organizations around the world must rise to the challenge of managing data or else risk decline. As with other areas of IT, the cloud offers many advantages for modern database computing. However, even as hosted desktops, applications, and web resources have gained popularity, many IT customers have cautiously guarded the in-house database operations that drive their critical business applications and activities.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in their organizations, they continue to add new servers running databases every time the need arises for secondary projects, such as development labs, seasonal workloads, and other temporary projects.

For these customers, the cloud hasn’t offered a solution to meet all of their database needs, large or small—until now.

HOSTING DBaaS™ Solutions

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) is the rapid provisioning of databases in a service provider cloud context rather than on customers’ individual on-premises servers. DBaaS offerings from HOSTING combine the cloud efficiencies of reduced complexity and operational costs with the power of Microsoft SQL Server.

With HOSTING DBaaS, you get the combined power of infrastructure, technology, and services you need in one world-class set of hosted database solutions.

  • Microsoft leads the market with SQL Server, the database platform used by the majority of companies today.
  • Ntirety, the HOSTING database services division, provides expertise in a wide range of DBaaS supporting services, including database administration, integration, consulting, and implementation on Microsoft technologies.

Flexible Architecture, Flexible Costs

HOSTING offers flexible DBaaS solutions in a variety of architectures and service options, including dedicated single-tenant instances for critical applications and shared multi-tenant instances, which optimize database sizes and service levels for secondary workloads while retaining enterprise-level performance and availability.

These options empower customers to choose the right solutions and move their databases to the cloud regardless of size or function, with the trusted power of industry-leading Microsoft and HOSTING compliance, security and support.

Integrity and Experience

HOSTING and its database services division, Ntirety, are proud to offer DBaaS solutions and services on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. With multi-tenant DBaaS, HOSTING also uses the latest Microsoft cloud technologies to achieve customer performance, including Windows Azure Pack and Microsoft Cloud OS.

With DBaaS solutions from HOSTING, databases go from burdensome and unmanageable to effortlessly available on demand. Simply choose your architecture, upload your data, and start your work.

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